Art Collection Management


Collection Management

In 2003  I began working with a variety of individuals and organizations including private collectors, foundations, non-profit organizations, executors and families responsible for the estate of an artist.  Each client  found themselves at a crossroad where they need help managing a fine art collection, and in some cases finding a new home for some or all of the objects.  Some of these collections are small in quantity, while others are quite extensive. This led to developing a menu of solutions that I provide:

  • Initial consultation and recommendations based on client needs.
  • Conducting a physical inventory of each object.
  • Working with a photographer to document each item in the collection.
  • Creating a computerized database that a complete record of each object.
  • Preparing recommendations for proper storage of objects not on display.
  • Assessing the condition of objects and making recommendations for conservation treatment.
  • Developing a plan for the distribution of objects.
  • Identifying galleries or auction houses for the sale of objects.

Sample Projects:

  • DF
  • Temple
  • Private Foundation
  • More. . .