Hamsa Project

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Vicki Reikes Fox and Georgia Freedman-Harvey

The Hamsa Project began in 2006 between two friends, who would soon be living 3,000 miles apart.  Our friendship was based on mutual interests in art and museums, and over time it also become a friendship rooted in the complexity of being a mother, the need to find balance in our lives, and our shared belief in the values and teachings of Judaism.  With the move at hand, we decided we wanted to communicate on a regular basis in a way that tapped into our creative abilities, was about keeping connected and had a Jewish thread to hold it together.  We began creating Hamsas and sending them to each other. The Hamsas soon became more than an exchange of “letters,” with each Hamsa telling a story, and providing a source of comfort and connection.

IMG_1799The Hamsas are about:

  • Communication and dialogue in a Jewish context.
  • A way of getting ones bearings and a place to explore unspoken feelings about life.
  • Being a part of something that is all encompassing, and can provide comfort and purpose
  • Finding cohesion and filling-in empty spaces
  • A time for renewal and healing

To date, Vicki and I have created over 50 Hamsas since the project began.  For more information or to start your own Hamsa project, email me at gfhtwo@mac.com.